Create your own itinerary

Festival Deltebre Dansa 2019 offers up to 20 workshops. Choose your favourite options!

One of our main goals is to guarantee excellence in professional training in Performing Arts. Therefore, every year we strive to programme a training offer guided by renowned teachers and creators.

How it works?

TIP 1: Not all teachers and workshops have the same intensity. Bearing this in mind will help you create an itinerary more suited to your training needs.

TIP 2: Pay attention to the timetable to avoid overlapping of workshops.

Monographic workshop
Creation workshop
Repertory workshop
Creative lab
Workshop PRO

1st WEEK: from 8th to 12th July

  • STEP 1: Choose 1 A-option for the 1st week’s morning workshops

  • STEP 2: Choose 1 B-option for the 1st week’s afternoon workshops

2nd WEEK: from 15th to 19th July

  • STEP 3: Choose 1 C-option for the 2nd week’s morning workshops

  • STEP 4: Choose 1 D-option for the 2nd week’s afternoon workshops

ATTENTION: The workshop PRO ‘Warm down with Martin’ is optional and open to all professional training students.