Alexander Vantournhout and Emmi Väisänen

Handshakes and other snakes


From 8th to 12th July

Itinerary A5

Our creative lab open up a door to specific projects dedicated to artistic research. The objective is not only to arrive to a final result, but also, and most importantly, understand and encourage each individual’s process of expression throughout this journey.

Selection process: Alexander Vantournhout and Emmi Väisänen will select the participants for this class.

Length: 3 h per session

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We have developed unconventional situations starting from the first contact points (hands and wrists), where the initiation of the movements is unreadable: who is leading and who is following? In this creative lab we will challenge you to discover unfamiliar positions, in which we aim to approach partnering from a different angle. We propose very specific movement situations where the body and the mind are challenged to discover situations that are rather unfamiliar. We invite you to focus on finding the complexity and imagination for new possibilities with another body.