David Zambrano and Milan Herich

Couple Dancing


From 8th to 12th July

Itineraries B4, D4

Our creative labs open up a door to specific projects dedicated to artistic research. The objective is not only to arrive to a final result, but also, and most importantly, understand and encourage each individual’s process of expression throughout this journey.

Selection process: David Zambrano and Milan Herich will select the participants for this class.

Length: 3 h per session

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In this creative lab, Zambrano returns to his life experience of salsa dancing. He recalls the beauty in the conversations of hands the exchanging of rhythmical steps big band music and the passion for dancing with another person. He takes this history of partner dancing and redefine it as something that could be more appropriate for the modern era following the influence of contact improvisation shifting gender and sexual roles and focusing on broader rights for all races.