Martin Kilvady

All Inclusive


From 15th to 19th July

Itinerary D6

Our creative lab open up a door to specific projects dedicated to artistic research. The objective is not only to arrive to a final result, but also, and most importantly, understand and encourage each individual’s process of expression throughout this journey.

Selection process: Martin Kilvady will select the participants for this class.

Length: 3 h per session

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For the past 25 years I have been present in the field of professional contemporary dance. What I am offering to you is an experience of my craft, a study moment in the library of my knowledge. I will teach you the scores and methods that will equip you with concrete and graspable tools. I designed these tools in order to cultivate awareness, a sensitivity that can help you to access your feelings. The study process will radically enlarge your movement vocabulary and teach you how to use the body language more eloquently.