Peter Jasko

Deep Movement Consciousness


From 15th to 19th July

Itinerary C5

Our creative lab open up a door to specific projects dedicated to artistic research. The objective is not only to arrive to a final result, but also, and most importantly, understand and encourage each individual’s process of expression throughout this journey.

Selection process: Peter Jasko will select the participants for this class.

Length: 3 h per session

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We will focus on a creativity class. Because of its nature, it is an open level class. Rather than teaching form the class focuses on expanding one’s artistic self-awareness. We give ourselves the necessary time to tune into our body’s intuitive intelligence to solve movement paradoxes that emerge during the research process. We will search to reach a state beyond self-judgment and self-limitations. We will facilitate each other’s exploration by working in pairs and in groups, as well as individually. Micro and macro universe of the movement sizes, movement speeds, energies…