Albert Vidal

Film-making, photography and graphic design

‘Festival Deltebre Dansa is a cultural oasis in an extremely arid landscape.’

Dynamic, daring and unpredictable, he has in his eyes and hands the talent of the audiovisual genius.

Postgraduate in Design and Communication Strategies by Elisava, and he holds a degree in Audiovisual Media awarded by the University of Barcelona. He has developed part of his career as a television producer in TV3 at the news production area and as production assistant for La Marató 2018TelenotíciesValor Afegit, ÀgoraInfo KPrepara’t per a la TDTToc de Llum, and the summaries of 2010 Punt d’Inflexió, and 2011 Un Món en Qüestió. He has also worked as producer of the news channel 3/24. He has directed and produced the documentaries The Ephemeral City (award Premi Cultura 2013 by Deltebre City Council), The Small Revolution and The journey. He is the cofounder and Creative Director at Vèrtex Comunicació, specialised firm in communication, audiovisual creation, content marketing, graphic design and web projects.